Phobias Of Celebrities

Sometimes people say they have their own rats in the attic meaning small abnormalities and personal fears and phobias. Sure, there are people who have no fears, some people learned to fight their fears, but most people have fears: some fear heights, some darkness, some spiders, etc. As most people, celebrities have phobias though they seem fearless to us.

Johnny Depp

Most people in depths of their unconscious fear absolutely inoffensive things, for example, clowns. In their opinion clowns are real monsters! Clowns just pretend they amuse children but in fact they wait for a perfect moment to catch child away into a dark cave. Exactly these nightmares scour after Johnny Depp. “I hate clowns! I hate their colored faces and fake smiles! Under their colored masks they have depthless darkness.”

David Beckham

David Beckham is quite healthy, but he cannot stand mess and he never hides his ataxiophobia. Surrounding objects must be well-chosen by color, form and size and their quantity must be oddly even. His wife Victoria says that when in fridge are left three Colas, her husband would better discard it and not bear such evident oddness. When David buys clothes, he chooses ones to suit his home interior.

George Washington

He is called Father of his Country and this is fair enough because it was him who brought USA to life. In the USA he lacked drawbacks and was considered infallible Father of his Country. Did you know that this man who passed through wars, attempts and breakups feared to be buried alive? In those times this was common fear. Washington asked his aide-de-camp in case of his death to wait for two days and only then to bury his body.

Alfred Hitchcock

His movies are famous throughout the world. As it turned out, the maestro of horrors was woundily afraid of.... usual eggs. By his own admission, he not feared eggs but they were unfavorable to him. When he saw something resembling to the egg he felt badly. In all his born days Hitchcock never ate eggs, they were so hateful to him.

Nikola Tesla

Famous scholar invented many things and his discoveries in electromagnetism and electricity are much appreciated. This great person feared viruses.... and jewelry. Fear of viruses made him afraid to touch other people and surfaces. He washed frequently his hands. His fear of jewelry was discovered when he saw marbles for the first time. Also he preferred everything what had any reference to number three. For example, he always put up at a hotel room with a number divisible by three.

Sigmund Freud

Famous scholar, who lay the foundations of psychoanalysis, feared weapons and … ferns. Analyzing this feature he claimed that fear of weapons is a sign of late emotional and sexual maturity. However, fear of fems can hardly be explained. No one knows what are the causes of this phobia – Freud never told about it.

Woody Allen

Famous actor and director is champion with his phobias. He fears insects, sun light, dogs, deers, bright colors, children, height, small rooms, crowds and all places in the world except Manhattan. Not by a chance first variant of “Annie Hall” was anhedonia which means pathological inability to enjoy life.