Different Kinds of Phobias And Their Treatment


Phobia is an increased irrational fear of an object, an action or situation. Phobias or irrational fears bring great discomfort, deform personality and damage man's life sometimes leaving him all alone. There are three categories of phobias: social phobia, agoraphobia, and specific phobias (fear of particular objects or situations).

Social phobia is not a simple incommodity or awkwardness, but this is a persistent irrational fear to perform particular community actions (for example, public speaking) or actions followed by attention of strangers (fear of being outside when someone is looking at you, inability to do something when someone is looking at you, etc) or just inability to meet and talk to unknown people. If social phobia is not treated timely, it may lead to breach of all social contacts and this results in negative effects on quality and standards of patient's living.

Agoraphobia is fear of opened doors, open spaces. It is a mental disorder which makes sufferer fear of throng that may require unexpected actions. It is unconscious fear of passing alone a big square or an empty street. Males do suffer from agoraphobia two times more frequently than females. If not treated this phobia may lock sufferer in his home. Right treatment helps 9 of 10 patients to fully get rid of it.

Aerophobia is a fear of flights. This phobia may also bring lots of inconveniences, therefore it is necessary to get rid of it with the help of hypnotherapy.

Besides common phobias there exist unusual crankeries. For example, so called paranormal phobias such as fear of vampires, evil spirits, the number "13."

Cancerophobia is fear of cancer. This phobia provokes panic attacks and severe headaches. It can be treated with cognitive therapy.

Emetophobia - fear of vomiting. It is treated with hypnosis.